Nagios and Icinga client for android

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@DavideJun. 27, 2012 [v1.4.0]


Completo e compatto, il migliore tra quelli provati

[EN] Great

[EN] Full and compact, the best among those tested

@BartoszJun. 27, 2012 [v1.4.0]

good app

too bad its not working with 2.9 because developer is great person . Maybe some day in future. : ( Cheers and good luck.

@CarlosMay. 28, 2012 [v1.4.0]

Excellent application

Excellent application. Work like a charm in my Samsung Galaxy S2. Wish List for future releases: - See host by hostgroups - See services by servicegroups - Widgets by hostgroups and servicegroups

@János MaximMay. 14, 2012 [v1.4.0]


This is my favorite nagios app with many possibilities.

@АлександрMay. 05, 2012 [v1.4.0]


Отлично работает, не хватает настроек виджета в плане дизайна / very good, maybe some more styles for widget?

[EN] Excellent

[EN] Excellent work, lacking the widget settings in terms of design / very good, maybe some more styles for widget?

@LuigieMay. 05, 2012 [v1.4.0]

Excelente aplicación

Para quienes usamos Nagios, la mejor app.

[EN] Excellent application

[EN] The best app for those who use Nagios

@LukasApr. 18, 2012 [v1.4.0]

Great functionality

Works great, my only wish would be customizable color schemes for the widget and notification bar.

@BiTeRApr. 12, 2012 [v1.4.0]

Makes life much easier for the sysadmin

Great tool, it simplifies a lot of usual work. I.E: instead of receiving alerts in your email, then check in nagios, it allows you to check directly. Cool stuff.

@RobertoApr. 11, 2012 [v1.4.0]

Monitorización perfecta

Funciona perfectamente en Samsung Galaxy S II y en Asus Transformer TF101. Tanto en Android 2.3 como 3.0 y 4.0. Totalmente recomendada.

[EN] Perfect monitoring

[EN] It works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S II and Asus Transformer TF101. Both Android 2.3 as 3.0 and 4.0. Strongly recommended.

@MatteoSpApr. 4, 2012 [v1.3.8]

Cut and paste does not work in account configuration. Uninstalling

@Mr.KissingerMar. 20, 2012 [v1.3.8]

very good tool

It is quite handy and helpful

@ChrisMar. 17, 2012 [v1.3.7]

OK but major bug

The dash character if used in hostnames does not render properly and instead shows the HTML code causing the app to be useless for all hosts with dashes

[reka - 03.17]Thanks for the comment, and for reporting the bug. Unfortunatelly I cannot reproduce the situation you've mentioned above: I have both en and em dashes in the hosts I monitor, and they are shown properly.
Could you please contact me, and elaborate your findings, so that I can fix it? Thanks in advance!

@Brandon SteiliMar. 14, 2012 [v1.3.7]

Excellent App!

Does a great job and even handles PNP4Nagios. Can't complain about that! The only recommendations (and the only thing that keeps it from being 5 star) is the text (Last Checked on, Duration, Attempt etc. is pretty tiny and there needs to be a choice between a light and a dark theme. Otherwise - stellar job and no way this should be a freebie. Where's the donate button!

@oopsMar. 04, 2012 [v1.3.2]


Add a "WiFi only update" option . And a Move to Sd card option

@jesusMar. 03, 2012 [v1.3.2]

a little suggestion

Hi, great app. Just one minor annoyance. Can you make it sound the alert only when nagios would send the notification? Most nagios installations send the alert only if 3 consecutive checks fail. If a server is loaded it will sometimes miss a beat but recover immediately. I use it to wake me up during night if there's a problem, needless to say I'm not interested in minor glitches but only if there's a major issue. Thanks for this great app! PS. Another feature which would be nice to have would be a schedule so you can pick a notification sound depending on the time, so you can have a lighter sound during the day and one that can wake you up during the night.

@nickynameFeb. 18, 2012 [v1.3.2]


Finally! Something that works well.

[@anonymous]Feb. 17, 2012 [v1.3.2]

Works fine, but the colors...

Works fine! Good GUI, easy to use. BUT the colors are so ugly! Either there is no way to change them (makes me blind) or i did not find the settings.

[reka - 02.17]Thanks for your comment, as of now there is no way to change the color schemes, but I'll make that available in the next version.
Could you please contact me, and tell in details what are you thinking about? Thanks in advance!

@AndreaFeb. 08, 2012 [v0.9.95]


Completa e perfettamente funzionante

[EN] Excellent!

[EN] Complete and fully functional

@GrantJan. 26, 2012 [v1.0.5]

One of the best apps I've used. Thanks!

Thanks, and keep up the great work. Very impressed with the quality of this app. This meets all of my needs as a sys admin.

@PasiekJan. 26, 2012 [v1.0.5]


Robi co ma robic, dziala znakomicie.

[EN] Super!

[EN] Doing what has to do, works perfectly.

@szeberJan. 25, 2012 [v1.0.5]

Excellent nagios client

Very good nagios client, much better then most payed apps and the developer is really professional and fixed the ICS issue quickly.

@KeithJan. 18, 2012 [v1.0.2]

Aeesome app

allows you to use most of the features of the web application. Good for administration of alerts, and quick response time.

@white_wyrmJan. 16, 2012 [v1.0.31]

Useful and has intuitive interface

Configurator is a bit buggy, so 4/5

[reka - 01.23]I found two malfunctions regarding notifications, they will be fixed on the next (v.1.0.4) version by today evening!

@AndrewJan. 15, 2012 [v1.0.31]

After the FC was fixed...

The app works great!

Jan. 14, 2012 [v1.0.3]

Force Closing

The app is force closing on the EVO 3D as of today's update.

@ShaiJan. 12, 2012 [v0.9.98]

Good work

Great app.. Allows me to monitor my stuff from anywhere

@MauriceJan. 10, 2012 [v1.0.0]


By far the most intuitive and function packed client i have used so far, and i have tried them all

@redstar2kJan. 6, 2012 [v0.9.99]

Just the best

This app is just the best application for remote Nagios administration. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.

@fffJan. 6, 2012 [v0.9.99]


And the dev seems responsive

@AustinJan. 6, 2012 [v0.9.98]


I emailed the developer last night for Tasker integration and the next morning I have an email response excited about the idea and an update! That is what I call service and dedication, and the app works great too! Downloading the update now, can't wait to try the new features. ;)

@RoyDec. 27, 2011 [v0.9.96]

Great Nagios monitoring app!

I just wish there was an option to turn off the system tray icon in the top-left corner. That seems to be a problem with all the Nagios apps on Android that I've tried so far. I don't like things cluttering up the system tray area and would prefer to use the app itself or the widget to check on my Nagios status.

@JonDec. 27, 2011 [v0.9.96]

Good stuff

A little idiosyncratic in places. The descriptions in settings actually says what the setting is currently rather than leaving you to examine the checkbox state which is a bit confusing at first. However that is a very minor criticism. Overall its a great app.

@GeorgeDec. 10, 2011 [v0.9.92]

Nice app

Very nice application. If you add support for graphs it would get 5 stars without question.

@ChrisNov. 28, 2011 [v0.9.62]

[REVOKED]Just installed....seems pretty good

[REVOKED]Been using nagroid for years, but updates on it are nil, so checked to see what else was available and found this. This looks to have them all beat.

@smileNov. 26, 2011 [v0.9.61]

Хорошая программа, но ...

Неплохое начало. Но нет поддержки защищенного соединени, что очень огорчает. Надеюсь автор не остановится на одной версии и продолжит улучшать ее.

[EN]A good program, but ...

[EN]Not a bad start. But there is no support for secure connection, which is very sad. I hope the author does not stop at one version and will continue to improve it.

@iottoNov. 25, 2011 [v0.9.6]


Best nagios app ... works superb on desire.